A previous Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who claims that Dennis

A previous Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who <a href="https://find-your-bride.com/">foreign brides</a> claims that Dennis

ATLANTA (AP) _ A former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader whom claims that Dennis Rodman provided her herpes is simply the latest woman to try and make the most of their popularity and fortune, the NBA player has testified

Three to four women a 12 months falsely declare that Rodman fathered kids, hoping getting cash, he told a jury that is federal. He stated some ladies, like ex-cheerleader Lisa Beth Judd, exaggerate their romances with him.

“ it is thought by me goes together with the image? of a baseball celebrity, he said.

Judd, of Orange County, Calif., is suing Rodman for unspecified damages. She claims he infected her with vaginal herpes when they had sex on Jan. 14, 1993.

Herpes is an incurable condition that is transmitted by intimate contact. A March 1993 blood test indicates that Rodman was confronted with the herpes virus, but Rodman denies that he’s ever endured the painful sores that mark herpes. Continue reading “A previous Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who claims that Dennis”